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We are highly specialised in neurodevelopmental conditions.

A specialist multidisciplinary team delivering holistic assessment, understanding, support and treatment.

We are a team of caring multidisciplinary clinicians specialised in neurodevelopmental conditions, inclusive of administrators, clinical and counselling psychologists, general practitioners, mental health practitioners, neuropsychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, and speech and language therapists.

We passionate about supporting strengths and difficulties across the full spectrum and take an interdisciplinary approach to ensure a holistic understanding is reached for those we are working with.

Meet the team

Personal experience and collaboration at the heart of all we do

Highly specialised in our field, and the added benefit of living with our own neurodiversity. We use this special lived experience to compassionately understand those we are privileged to work with, and it also fuels our passion to deliver incredible care and support.

While we will draw upon this personal experience and combine it with our professional knowledge and expertise, we believe most important is the close collaboration between the team and those seeking our support.

We will always advocate that it is those we are working with who are the true experts of their own lives, holding onto this premise even if fully appreciating that it might not always feel comfortable to feel like the
expert when submerged in difficulty and distress.

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